About Us

Board Of Directors


President: Paul Starkey 
Vice President: Mike Lloyd
Secretary: Amy Sutherland
Treasurer: Kyle Johnson
Executive Director: Jeannie M. Gamble

Committee Chairs:

A Brush With Kindness Coordinator: Dixie Story

Construction Committee: Jeremy Farner 

Faith Relations: Karen Thurber

Family Services: Open

Family Selection: Gina Gonzalez

Grant Writer/Fundraiser: Lynn Kelley

Marketing Director: Maria Rague

Office Manager: Dixie Story

Public Relations: Open

Resource Development: Open

Restore Committe Chair: Tim Taylor

ReStore Manager: Steven McCullough

ReStore Assistant Manager: Sherri Jones

Site Selection: Gina Gonzalez

Volunteer Coordinator: Dixie Story

Web Master: Maria Rague

WSU Rep: Lauren Summer

General Board Members:

Board Member: Arie Anderson
Board Member: Blain Johnson
Representative, Hill Air Force Base: Jennifer Winkel
Representative, Weber State Univ. Campus Chapter: Kenzie Krause

Past President 2011-2013: Joel Lee
Past President 2010-2011: Tom Hart
Past President 2008-10: Brook Lyons
Past President 2007-8: Robert Gleave
Past President 2006-7: Felicia Cornwell
Past President 2005-6: Lynn Kelley