About Us

History Of Our Affiliate


Prior to our affiliate’s incorporation in 1995, the Weber and Davis counties area in Utah was served by Habitat for Humanity of Northern Utah, located in Brigham City, Box Elder County. Although the Habitat for Humanity Weber/Davis Affiliate was originally incorporated in June 1995, it had become inactive by 1998. During 2002, a group of concerned business leaders and individuals recognized the need for safe, decent, and affordable housing for low-income families in our area, and committed to revive the organization. During Fall 2004, the status and official name of the organization was updated with both the Internal Revenue Service and the Utah State Department of Commerce. Since that time, the organization has been known as Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties, Inc.


During 2004, Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties renovated a home for the Cabrera family at 3210 Pingree in Ogden, and built a new home for the Barnett family at 3204 Pingree in Ogden. During 2006, we completed the construction of a new home at 769 Cowley Street in Layton for the Allen family. During 2008, we completed rehabilitation of the formerly-dilapidated home located at 127 Doxey Street in Ogden for the Olsen family. During 2009, we completed the rehabilitation of two additional uninhabitable homes on Doxey Street. The home located at 133 Doxey Street in Ogden was completed during December 2009, and dedicated to the Noorda family in January 2010. The home located at 128 Doxey Street, also completed during December 2009, was dedicated to the Guerrero family in February 2011. The Wiseman family are in their new home at  3457 Jefferson Avenue in Ogden.  We have completed a home on 27th Street. 


We have current projects to build homes for our selected families. Habitat homes are not fancy and generally contain no frills. Instead, they are simple, basic, decent, and affordable. Why are they so affordable? Habitat typically begins by purchasing very affordable property in modest-income neighborhoods, and much of the construction labor is donated by the partner families themselves and by other volunteers. As a result, we are able to sell the homes we build to our partner families at no-profit, and at a price that is often substantially lower than comparable homes. Partner families are also able to save thousands of dollars in conventional loan costs by buying their homes with interest-free loans provided by Habitat.

The HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL website contains more information on Habitat’s history, mission, volunteer opportunities and contact information for other Habitat affiliates around the world.