Habitat Homes

through shelter.”

We obtain land to build simple, sustainable, and decent Habitat Homes in Weber and Davis Counties. There are times where we purchase a home and renovate so that a family may move into their new safe house. Volunteer labor, professional expertise, and tax-deductible donations help make our Habitat Homes a reality.

Habitat for Humanity select partner families based upon three criteria. Firstly, the family must have a need. Secondly, the family must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity. Thirdly, the family must have the ability to pay affordable monthly payments. Those families who meet our qualifications help build and put in “sweat equity” hours towards their new Habitat Home. Additionally, families go to budgeting classes while becoming involved with the community. Habitat for Humanity lends no-profit, no-interest mortgage loans to its selected families. Therefore, families are able to pay for their Habitat homes at an affordable monthly payment.  These monthly payments go into a revolving fund. As a result, this will help build more homes and help another family in the future.

New homeowners have a unique pride in their Habitat home, which has given them a “hand up”, not a “hand-out.” Families and communities thrive when everyone has a sturdy, safe, nurturing place to call home.

If you are looking for a way to own a Habitat Home, please click here. Firstly, you must qualify based upon income and family size. There is an application process. Families meet the Family Selection Committee to do an interview. Two to four families are selected per year.

In Development

In 2017, two families were selected as our Habitat partner Families. Within 10 months, we were able to finish both homes. The Diaz family is a single mother with two children. The Parsons family is a retired and disabled veteran. Evidently, we build more than a house; we make a difference in lives. Come join us in our efforts to help these families and better the local community. Our two new Habitat Homes were built on 129 and 141 30th Street in Ogden UT 84401. Meet our new Habitat families!



The Diaz Family

The Parsons Family

Completed Homes

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