Let’s revitalize the
appearance of the neighborhood and
strengthen connections within the community.

A Brush With Kindness is an exterior home preservation program that offers painting, landscaping, and minor exterior home repair services to eligible homeowners so they can continue to live in safe, decent homes for years to come.

We use volunteers to help with the affordable exterior work. The materials need to be paid for with a no-interest loan based on your income and ability to repay. If your income won’t allow this repayment, you will be denied.

Please ensure you meet and understand the requirements.

We are ending our season for A Brush With Kindness by the end of this month, due to weather. We ask that you fill out your application beginning of February for the Spring season. Thank you for your patience as we finish our last couple of ABWK projects this season.

Apply for the ABWK program online
OR return complete applications to:

Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties
2955 Harrison Blvd. Suite 202
Ogden UT 84401


Program Requirements:

  1. Must own and occupy a home that needs and could benefit from short-term exterior improvements
  2. Must meet income guidelines (2017) for those who are in need of labor AND materials.
  3. Must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties
  4. Must be unable to afford necessary home improvements and/or unable to complete them due to age, disability, or circumstances.

Income Guidelines 2017

Family Size Gross annual
household income
1 $16,100-$32,220
2 $18,600-$36,780
3 $20,700-$41,400
4 $24,600-$45,960
5 $28,780-$49,680
6 $32,960-$53,340
7 $37,140-$57,000
8 $41,320-$60,720

Complete Application

  1. Fill in all blanks.
  2. If question doesn’t apply to you, mark N/A.
  3. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.
  4. Attach additional sheets as needed.

Sign and date the authorization and release forms

  1. If there are co-applications, both must sign.

Enclose copies of the following documents (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS) with application if you are requiring materials in addition to labor:

  1. Your 2016 income tax return
    • If you did not file taxes for 2016, please provide a letter, signed by you, that states you did not file taxes and the reason why.
  2. Your last two (2) paycheck stubs or other proof of income.
  3. You last two (2) bank statements showing all checking, saving, and loan balances.
    • If you do not have a bank account, please write that on the application.
  4. Proof of child support and/or public assistance if you receive them
    • such as: SSI, TANF, Social Security, disability, food stamps, etc.
  5. Proof of home ownership
    • Deed of Trust or most recent property tax receipt
  • Home must be in Weber or Davis County, Utah.
  • Must not be any liens against the property other than mortgage liens.
  • Homeowner must be current on insurance and property taxes at time of repairs and through repayment period.
  • Applicant must be homeowner, must live in the homes, and the home must be the homeowner’s primary residence.
  • Home cannot be used in a manner that violate local, state, and federal law.
  • At the time of selection, homeowner must intend to continue to reside in the home as primary residence for at least the next three years.
  • Family must agree to continue to maintain the home to the best of their ability (keep neat, clean, and in good repair) so as not to reduce its value or that of the neighborhood.

Applications can be downloaded 2018 ABWK Application and mailed to our main office OR they can be filled out below online. We have ended our ABWK season. It is recommended that you fill out your application after February 1st, 2018.

Remember to submit the additional documents if you are applying for repairs that require materials AND labor. Submit to info@habitatwd.org (or the main office address). Please refer to Eligibility, Program Instructions, and Additional Criteria for more information.

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