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Our applications for the Habitat housing program has been closed for 2018. The Family Services Committee is in the process of evaluating the applicants. 3 to 4 families will be selected. Please keep updated with us. Make sure to come to our next required informational meeting during December 2018 to apply for year 2019.

If you are in need of home repairs, please check out our A Brush With Kindness (ABWK) program.
We help local low-income homeowners with the exterior of their home.

Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties partner with local low-income families to help them build or renovate homes. Homeowners then buy their Habitat Homes at affordable monthly payments. Habitat homes are simple, decent, safe, and affordable.

Homes from Habitat for Humanity are affordable for our partner families because:

  • Our families and other unpaid volunteers provide much of the construction labor.
  • We sell our homes to qualified low-income families at no-profit prices.
  • We provide no-interest home loans.
  • Our home loans offer affordable monthly payments.

There are 3 basic criteria to select our partner families. We will review each family’s:

  1. Need for better housing
  2. Willingness to partner with Habitat
  3. Income and ability to pay for a Habitat home


The process may take up to a few months to complete and includes several steps:

1) Informational Sessions Held

First of all, interested applicants must attend a required Informational Session. During this meeting,  the Family Services Committee will explain the housing process and opportunities. Additionally, the applications will be distributed and questions will be answered. 

2) Applications Are Submitted and Reviewed

Secondly, applications may be dropped off or sent into the Habitat office on or before the published deadline.  They can also be filled out online. Our Family Services Committee then reviews applications for completeness. Applicants will be verified and determined if they are eligible.

3) Home Interviews

Third of all, members of the Family Services Committee schedule home interviews. The committee will be able to verify eligibility.

4) Presentation To Board Of Directors

Furthermore, eligible applicants are presented to the Board of Directors for final approval.

5) Selection of Partner Family

Lastly, eligible applicants are chosen to become Habitat partner families.  These homeowners join the Family Partnership Program. Habitat partner families will first attend first-time home buyer courses and budgeting classes. Habitat partner families will also work on their own homes and complete sweat equity hours.

Family Size Gross annual household income
1 $16,401-$32,802
2 $18,744-$37,488
3 $21,087-$72,174
4 $23,430-$46,860
5 $25,304-$50,609
6 $27,178-$54,358
7 $29,053-$58,106
8 $35,426-$61,855

*Income requirements updated annually


Enclose copies of the following documents (DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS) with the application to info@habitatwd.org or mail to the main office:

  • Your 2016 or 2017 income tax return. If you did not file taxes for 2016 or 2017, please provide a letter, signed by you, that states you did not file taxes and the reason why.
  • Your last 2 paycheck stubs or other proof of income
  • Your last 2 bank statements showing all checking, savings, and loan balances. If you do not have a bank account, please write that on your application
  • Proof of child support and/or public assistance (Such as SSI, TANF, Social Security, disability, food stamps, etc) if you receive them.
  • Proof of home ownership (this may include recent property tax receipt or Deed of Trust)

If you are eligible to apply for a Habitat Home, fill out the PDF 2018 Housing Application OR Spanish_Housing Application_HFHWD thoroughly. Afterwards, please send to our main office or attached in an email. Applications can also be filled out below online and required documents can be uploaded.

REMINDER: Applications for 2018 have been closed. Currently, our Family Services Committee is reviewing applicants. Please come to our required Informational Session in December 2018 before filling out an application. This will be for the year 2019.

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