The Rodriguez family has dedicated hundreds of hours toward building their very own Habitat home.

The driveway, sidewalk, and electrical work still need to be complete before the family can move into their Ogden home. Your gift will finish the house so the family can move in.

Please donate so the Rodriguez family will have a home in time for the holidays.

Rodriguez Family Story 

The Rodriguez family currently lives in unhealthy conditions: the landlord allows the water to get turned off, the roof leaks, no heat in rooms and more. These are hard working parents that just want a safe place for their 3 children to live. Let’s work together to get this home completed so they can move in!  Every single dollar helps! Come make a difference for a family in need.

Rosie (mother of the family and a native of Puerto Rico) says:

My name is Rosie and we are the Rodriguez family. We came to Utah to seek a better life for our family in 2010. While going through struggles trying to find a home we can live in, we found ourselves living with family members, apartments that were in very poor condition with roaches and mice, and homes that we did not have heater and we had to get by. We wanted to provide a safe environment to our daughters. We were limited on funds and no resources were available so we stayed where there was a roof over our head and able to provide meals on the table. We have applied and been denied many times to purchase a home. 

Our desire is that our children does not have to go through what we have gone through. When Habitat was referred to us we thought lets apply and see what happens but thinking we were not going to get approved due to that we have had so many rejections for a home. Being turned away was hard for us as parents. When I was given the news that we were selected I could not believe it. I was extremely thankful and in SHOCK. I quickly had to call my husband and SHOCK him too. When we presented the news to our daughters while having dinner on our table we said “we have exciting news. We have been blessed… We are going to have a home to live in that is going to be ours and we get to be part of the building process”. 

Silence became known, we didn’t know what to say or think… all of us were still in shock. Habitat has been an amazing blessing to our family and it has brought us hope. Definitely brought LIGHT at the end of the tunnel when we have been walking for a long time and not able see a glance or spot of light. We can’t wait to be part of this program and become a blessing to others as well. We are forever thankful to the sponsors of Habitat For Humanity.