Goodbye Jennifer Winkels

We want to say goodbye to our amazing HAFB Representative, Jennifer Winkels. She has been transferred to Florida and we wish her well.

In case you don’t know Jennifer, she joined the Board of Directors in the middle of 2015. She has been a strong advocate for Habitat for Humanity. She worked hard to make sure there were volunteers to come assist with projects and events. In fact, Jennifer has coordinated over 147 volunteers from all over Hill Air Force Base for 14 major events. Jennifer was at every one of these events and always gave 110%.  She even helped our organization streamline some of our processes and procedures.

The startup of our 21,000 square foot ReStore was a monumental task and without Jennifer’s support in gathering volunteers it would not have been accomplished. Whenever volunteers would get down and tired, Jennifer would motivate and inspire them to keep going.

Jennifer organized a group to help Team Rubicon with the northern area flooding.  Her dedication and knowledge was so helpful that she actually wound up running her own demolition team, assisting over 72 families whose homes were flooded with severe damage.

Jennifer brought in a large group and reorganized our entire 24,000 square foot 20th street warehouse. In addition to this, she even worked on some individual home projects putting up fences and replacing doors for local low-income families. One of the most important things that Jennifer did was to establish a squadron-level point of contact roster for coordination efforts across 10 units/18 individual work centers.  This allowed for quick distribution and organization of information and volunteers so that we could maximize the amount of volunteers for our projects and events.

She has found someone to take her place as she moves on and has left a training guide and detailed instructions to ensure that the partnership between HAFB and Habitat stays strong and successful. She has been a steadfast supporter of the organization and has shown what dedication and commitment looks like. We are incredibly grateful for all the work Jennifer has done at our organization.

Jennifer Winkels and ReStore