Thank You from the Allen Family

Every family has a story. We would like to feature one of our Habitat partner families, the Allen family. They wrote us a letter in 2007 thanking the community for their new Habitat Home.

Happy Easter wishes from…
Tina Allen and family
769 Cowley St.
Layton, Utah 84041
April 4, 2007

Dear Habitat and First Stake Members:

This Easter weekend marks one year that we have been in our house and I just wanted to tell you the difference you have made in our lives.  Life seems so nice and normal now that the days in the trailer almost seem unreal.  It is so wonderful to have a home to come home to and a place for our family to gather together.  This past week we had a barbecue with family and another one with friends.  We sat at the kitchen table together and then went outside while the kids jumped on the tramp and the adults sat in lawn chairs and chatted.

Little things like having a table and a room big enough for a family to eat together don’t mean a lot until you get the opportunity to be without them for awhile.  When I look back, I do think of the hard times as an opportunity because it changed the way I look at the things and people around me.  First, I appreciate little things more than I did, things that I always had and never seemed to notice, and secondly, I look at people differently.  I realize the number of people who may be strangers now, but would gladly come together to help someone they didn’t know if they knew a need existed.

Even without the house I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything I have.  I wish I could thank each and everyone that hammered a nail or sold a pizza.  I treasure the collection of names and good wishes that cover the walls of our garage and if you know anyone who didn’t get a chance to sign please have them stop by.  And please know, as you drive by and see the fruit trees blooming and the kids playing in the yard that whatever part you played, you have forever changed the lives and the hearts of the family inside.

Thank you all and please have the happiest Easter.  We will be thinking about you all on this first anniversary in our home.

With Love,

Tina Allen and family

Allen Family thank you