Campus chapter is a student-led and initiated organization that partners with the local Habitat affiliate. Center for Community Engaged Learning at Weber State University has a strong partnership with our affiliate.


Participating in a build is a great hands-on opportunity. Be part of Habitat’s mission and see the results of your labor. All campus chapter build projects must be done in partnership with your local Habitat affiliate. Volunteers and campus chapter help build Habitat Homes and repair homes in the community.

Campus chapters can help raise funds for Habitat. This plays a key role is Habitat’s mission of eliminating poverty. Campus chapters are asked to help raise funds in order to support our affiliate with local projects.

In order to be successful, the school and local community must be informed about Habitat’s mission. In addition, the community can be educated about the current build and repair projects. Educating your peers is a crucial way to gain community support. This will also increase participants and volunteers to join Habitat for Humanity. Attending functions and fairs at your local university helps get the word out about Habitat.

Campus chapter members will act as advocates for affordable housing. In order to be successful at advocating, you must increase the population’s awareness. Advocate about substandard housing and call people to action in order to initiate change.


In order to be officially recognized as a Habitat for Humanity campus chapter, your group must be chartered by Habitat for Humanity International. Contact us for more info.